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Fierce and The Dead – Magnet EP 12″

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The Fierce and The Dead – Magnet EP is the first record released on Crate Digger Records and no expense has been spared in making this the best possible release that was in the ability of the band and label.

The Fierce and The Dead are creating a storm and Crate Digger Records is on board all the way.


300 in stock

The Fierce and The Dead – Magnet EP

Crate Digger Records is proud to present The Fierce and The Dead – Magnet EP on stunning one sided vinyl, with a white screenprint on the b-side. Featuring outstanding artwork by Mark Buckingham of Marvel and DC fame among countless other projects.

Realising that Magnet had already been released previously we worked closely with the band to make sure that it could be presented in a way that keeps the release fresh and represents it in the way it deserves. However I think that both the band and ourselves feel that this record has far exceeded any expectations that we originally had.

Upon first hearing Magnet we were blown away and immediately had an idea of where to start with the release before even approaching the band. Fortunately they agreed and were on board as much as we were. For any new listeners you can expect a diverse mash up of styles which will please fans of post rock and prog alike while possibly opening you up to a whole new world of music.

It’s amazing to work with a band who are as passionate about everything involving music as we are and share the excitement that we have in every step of the release. Although it may be unconventional we would take this opportunity to thank the band for everything they’ve done to help us with the release and it’s been an honour and we hope this is the start of a long standing partnership.

Only 500 numbered copies available on black vinyl with white screen print.

Still not convinced? Let the music do the talking and head to Bandcamp where you can preview the first track from the EP.

The Fierce and The Dead cult is forever expanding and growing stronger.

Join us now and spread the word.


    1. Magnet In Your Face
    2. Palm Trees
    3. Flint
    4. Part 6 (The Eighth Circuit)
    5. Chief (Rehearsal Recording Exclusive to Vinyl)

  1. Mark "Tex" Weaver


    You want mellow….this ain’t it. Raw rock from Matt Stevens and friends that begs you to crank up the volume. It’s been in my car for months and isn’t leaving anytime soon. This up and coming band is full of energy and I am so excited to hear they will be playing at Rosfest….now I just have to figure out how to get there.

    Don’t miss out on this one. Even an old country boy from Texas like me knows this is the real deal.

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